Amazon Fire TV Cube Vs. Nvidia Shield by

Every streaming device has its niche to keep ahead of the competition. The same goes for Nvidia Shield and Amazon Fire TV. But how do they compare...

The Shield TV came out in 2015 with some very powerful specs for a streaming device. Using the same hardware Nvidia released a newer 2017 version Shield TV that seemed to contain little difference to the original Shield. The Shield TV can be seen hereNvidia Shield. The Shield TV took the crown due to using its own impressive Tegra X1 super chip.
With little competition hardware wise Nvidia seemed to be the streaming spec king. That was until Amazon stepped in to compete with the Fire TV Cube. With Nvidia not releasing new hardware they left the door open for competition. The biggest feature of the Fire TV Cube, besides being new, is the built in Alexa assistant. When it comes down to it who will outperform the other?

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