World Health Organization Adds Gaming Disorder As Disease

Yes, you read that right. The World Health Organization (WHO) has added gaming disorder as a disease. This might seem like a joke, but it really isn’t. This classification of disorder is not for those who casually play video games, rather it is for those who cannot stop playing video games. A large population of the world plays video games in some form: PC, console, cellphone, etc. and a large portion of them even spend money they don’t have for in-game content. It would seem like there is plenty of opportunity for possible gaming addiction, but the gaming addiction WHO is referring to is much worse. Take these couple from 2014 who sold their children to support their video game addiction. You can read more about this couple here. There was another couple who’s video game addiction lead to their infants death. More about that couple here. It does not have to be video games for it to be a problem, any addiction is a problem. The new classification was added here to the ICD-11.

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